(G)I-DLE, Jennifer Lopez - This Time Around


Текст песни

All my cards laid out
I'm goin' all in right now
No more playin' around
Time to do what we talkin' 'bout
No bluffs, no act
What they know 'bout a love like that?
We got it bad, that's a fact, that's a fact

All that fake shit you can't sell me
Nothing you can tell me
I've been waitin' so long, finally found it
Ain't no way, baby, we could live without it
All that bullshit just don't phase us
All the hate couldn't break us
'Cause when you know better, you do better
We get to have a do-over forever

This time around, we gon' do it right
We gon' do this shit for the rest of our life
This time around, we gon' make it real
We don't givе a fuck 'bout how they feel
This time around, do it how we likе
We gon' have the best time of our lives
This time around, we gon' seal the deal
We don't give a fuck 'bout how they feel